Compare Apple iPhone 10 vs Samsung s9 plus reviews

Samsung S9 and S9 plus are the first Galaxy phones with lots of varieties. Different lights effect cameras can adopt different conditions without losing sharpness in the captured picture. S9 plus has a dual-camera setup quite related to the phone Note 8. lets Compare Apple iPhone 10 vs Samsung s9 plus.

General Shots

These two phones are at the top of their class, have slight differences in color temperature and texture. Both phones have their own specification. Galaxy S9 plus tends to be a warmer whereas the iPhone 10 has cooler hues. In terms of mobile photography, the two phones are considered to be the best in mobile communication. If taking recording video feature at 1080p at 60p frames per second. The Galaxy S9 Plus has more contrast saturation in a shot, makes the look sharper and darker. I always prefer to take iPhone for taking the pictures much deeper and sharper. Videos look smooth on both lenses because both have optical image stabilization. Galaxy S9 Plus has smoother color transition through lightning changes.

Portrait and Zoom

Both phones have a second telephoto lens with the similar specs for optical zoom. It consists of on12 megapixels and blurred background effect on a portrait. Interesting enough that both produce great results at 2 multiply magnification. iPhone has portrait mode and S9 Plus has quick focus. The similar related to the Galaxy Note 8. Both phones are easily accessible from main to camera feature. Portraits on iPhone seem to be cooler and sharper real to actual picture whereas the S9’s shot appears to be more flattering. It is because it makes the faces brighter.

Front-facing Camera

For the people who are selfies, lovers both phones have blurred background features to effect on the front-facing cameras. The iPhone X has a 7-megapixel depth-sensing camera. Of course, both phones depend on software to create the transition portrait effect. For general selfies, I would like the wider angle of the S9 Plus.

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