Galaxy Note 9 & S10 Launch Secret Revealed

A big secret is going to reveal for the Galaxy fans that Samsung’s next big phone is nearly here. The new rumors suggest that the Galaxy Note 9 could be announced in late July. Samsung Galaxy Note release a good news, update yourself with a new smartphone with a larger screen. Here are the following incredible features like hand S Pen. The Note 9 can be a big deal because it’s massive-sized update to the Galaxy Note 8. It is slightly bigger and better than the Galaxy S9.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Release Date and Price

We expect similar timing in 2018 because last year’s phone launched in August.

According to the new reports Samsung is readying the Galaxy note 9 right now. We did not hear numerous Samsung Galaxy Note 9 release date rumors, but we have also seen last year’s phone announcement on August 23. Therefore, there is immense chance that Galaxy Note 9 will be launched. There are plenty of amazing things about the Samsung but unfortunately, its speakers are not among ourselves.

Note 9 in-screen fingerprint Sensor

Samsung Galaxy Note9 rumor also related to its fingerprint scanner feature, which could be built into the screen. Supposedly it will be digitally shown directly where the users tend to place their finger. The news about its battery timing is that it could jump up to 4,000m ah capacity. That is a new high for a Samsung flagship device, the screen at 6.4 inches. The Galaxy handset will go even further than an in-screen scanner. Most interesting rumor is said new set will have the bendable display. it’s the unusual look for a phone is quite different to the Note 8.

We have a good idea of the sorts of things the fans of Galaxy Note 9 won’t see new features, such as the following.

  • An in-screen scanner
  • Room-filling sound
  • Better Bixby
  • Two-day battery life
  • Improved face scanning
  • A similar price
  • Less bezel
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