Rumors about New iPhone 11 release date

We are rounding up the latest news and rumors about the Apple’s new modal iPhone 11 for this year. With the releasing date, design, price tech specs, and new features iPhones are being launched. Fans are waiting for hearing its launching announcement. Now, we will try to cover up the all the rumors concerning its successor iPhone handsets, iPhone X and iPhone X plus, related to their prices, designs, releasing date, tech specs, and new features.

A release date for the new iPhones

We expect that the successor handset to the iPhone will be launch in Sep 2018. Because Apple iPhones are usually launched in every September. It is also noticeably, that in 2017, the company did not launch all of its new and latest models in the same time but the iPhone X launched one month after the 8 and 8 Plus.

How many New iPhones will Apple launch?

It is reported that the three new phones are being announced in autumn. But could be possible the handsets would be four. As it is heard number of different changing will see in successive sets. The body size would b 6.3 inches and 5. 8 inches with LCD phone measuring 6.1 inches.

iPhone 2018 Prices

The iPhone X with a premium price- starting at $999, whereas the other phone like 8 and 8 plus price were at $699 and $799 accordingly.

iPhone X

A popular rumor is around and holds that you will able to get an iPhone X-style handset for much less in 2018. Hope there would be the more budget-friendly model to grab the customer’s attention over worldwide.

Screen Design Bezels and Notches

We are expecting that iPhones now adopting the all screen iPhone X design. The coming new iPhone X will have a bezel-free design, face ID camera, and no home button. It allows Apple to fit a larger screen into the same size of the body. One of this reason a reliable supplier information source has told that iPhone X plus will have a giant screen of 6.5 inches.

Colour Options

This handset will be available in several colors. The giant phone X Plus color see the return of gold color. Whether will be the metal glass back for the new iPhones. Single LCD phone and this will probably have a metal back.

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